Developers of the Xylea
® Line of Building Materials & Fire-Rated Panels for DIY & Professional Use

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Technology


S&F Woodcrafters, Inc. is a privately held company started in 2007 for the express purpose of developing new building material technologies, manufacturing those products, and working thru reputable Dealers to offer those products to the World, including the full line of Xylea and Xylea-EXTREME products.

The goal of Xylea-EXTREME was and continues to be to provide GREEN materials that will:

  1. Improve the safety of our homes and places of work
  2. Increase the life and value of the consumer’s investment
  3. Have a positive impact on the environment in which we live
  4. Reshape the building and construction industries for the betterment of mankind
  5. Built for DIY & Professional Use

We believe our dedication to honesty and integrity, in all we do, has and will continue to provide the path for Xylea-EXTREME to be the most trusted name in the building material industry.

Here’s our story:

Several years ago, in a quest to find the ideal building material to manufacture high-quality, lightweight, & strong merchandising displays, our design team considered several options such as honeycomb, foam board, bamboo and balsa wood. As most of us already know, balsa is pound for pound as strong as steel, and in some cases it is even better because of its reduced expansion coefficients that make it even more stable. In fact, Boeing aircraft used to use it to build their airplane wings before the invention of carbon steel.

Balsa is not readily available, which makes the cost prohibitive and we really didn’t want to cut down trees. We were disappointed balsa didn’t work out, since it is nearly 10x as costly as conventional materials. The breakthrough came for us when we realized the option we wanted was not available. So we invented a new one, Xylea-Wood*.

Inspired by Mother Nature, Perfected by Technology®.

After studying some microscopic pictures of balsa wafer, we observed the lignified xylem cells of the balsa tree that once carried nutrients and water from the ground. It became apparent to our product engineers that the reason balsa is so light is because it is about 90% air. It has a basic fiber structure that is created by a series of hollow elongated chambers that are conjoined to each other. They interlock in a magnificent pattern that makes them one of the strongest, lightest natural building materials in the world.

We have been able to replicate and mass produce the microscopic super cell structure of the balsa tree to create an engineered lumber that is so strong, and stable that we believe it is destined to completely replace the use of plywood in the future.

Introducing Xylea-Wood®

  • ½ the weight of conventional plywood
  • Twice the strength, yet affordable

The concept of engineered pre-tensioned strength is built into the board. It is really quite a remarkable process. We can make it stronger or lighter on demand. It is as if we can grow a tree that is exactly the size and strength that you need. We define the required strength & weight and instantly build it into wood at the manufacturing point. And we don’t have to wait 15 to 20 years for it to grow! The Panels, Boards, Decks and Beams that we are currently pre-tensioning for the exhibit business are just the beginning. Our revolutionary, patented Xylea-Wood® is the future of displays and is poised to replace the use of plywood.

*Xylea US Patent: Method of Locking Structural Panels

Xylea Wood® Modular Slatwall Paneling System

The patented Xylea® Wood Custom Exhibit System* is a modular slatwall paneling system. Standardized part sizes and a revolutionary gravity cleating systems means that all the panels fit together, every time. Panels can be added or subtracted at will to adjust to ever-changing business needs.

*Xylea US Patent: Building Panel Having Plant-Imitating Structural Core

Custom Exhibits for Merchandising, Trade Shows & Retail Displays

Joe Fleming, who has been in the Exhibit business for over 30 years, explains the importance of using strong, light, straight building materials to build the panels, floors and decks of his trade show booths:

“We ship our booths all over the country. Some of them set up 8 to 10 times a year. They must be strong to resist wear and tear, and lightweight so they can be easily handled on show floors. Using Xylea-Wood, you can confidently set up a booth in Chicago in January, when the weather is 10 below zero and then head to Miami the following week, to 90-degree heat and humidity. Even with drastic weather changes, Xylea-Wood will never warp. It is extremely stable.” -Joe Fleming, Xylea-Wood & S&F Woodcrafters Founder/CEO

Xylea-Wood® is Flexible & Stable. It won’t warp.

Xylea-Wood Slatwall is durable and long-lasting and built for heavy traffic and usage.

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