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The following products are protected by patents in the United States. This website is provided to satisfy virtual patent marking provisions, including in the U.S. under the American Invents Act. The following list of products may not be all inclusive and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

XYLEA®, XYLEA-WOOD® and all uses of XYLEA-® (XYLEA-SLATWALL®, XYLEA-EXTREME®, XYLEA-BUILDING®) panels/Slatwall: U.S. Patent No. 8,252,137 and other U.S. patents pending.

XYLEA-WOOD ® connectors/connection system:  U.S. Patent Nos.  8,322,104,  8,689,511 and 9,068,581 and other U.S. patents pending.

The Xylea System is a patented, modular paneling system. Thanks to easy-to-use, standarized part sizes and a revolutionary gravity cleating system, everything effortlessly fits together. Panels can be added or subtracted, at will, to adjust to ever-changing business needs.

The Xylea, Xylea-Wood, & Xylea-Extreme System is perfect for:

  • Modular Exhibit Displays for Trade Shows
  • Permanent or Temporary Retail Kiosks
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Ever-Changing Retail & Mobile Display Spaces

Xylea Patents

US Patent: Building Panel Having Plant-Imitating Structural Core
US Patent: Method of Locking Structural Panels