Standard & CUSTOM Trade Show EXHIBITS

Lightweight Re-configurable Modular Booth Displays

Now Available in Fire-Rated, Water-Proof Antimicrobial Slatwall Panels

Trade Show Booths
As Easy to Assemble as POP-UP DISPLAYS!

Perfect for exhibiting, the Xylea-Wood Modular Slatwall & Flushwall Exhibit System is a premier “hard wall system” of panels and blade returns that is strong, yet light. It’s designed with our patented interconnecting easy to use “Gravity Cleat” system to provide rapid and secure installations, saving you time and money at every installation and making setting up your display easier than ever.

Available in White, Black, & Amber Maple Wood color options, the possibilities with configurations and re-configurations that you can create for your trade show display are virtually endless.


Xylea Wood slatwall panels will carry a load that is nearly 3x that of conventional slatwall and weighs less than ½ of their counter parts, making it convenient to carry from the loading dock to your booth and far more affordable to ship.

How to Design Your Display

Step 1. Select Your Booth Size & Configuration

We have shown some of our most popular configurations above so you can get an idea of what might work best for you.

The prices quoted are for Basic Package & for the Complete Package. Optional Items may be added or subtracted.

Standard Packages Include:

  • All Panels & blades
  • All Cleats, Caps & Connectors that are required to set the Config as shown

Step 2. Accessorize Your Booth/Select Optional Items

Optional Items:

  • Shelving
  • Lighting Package
  • Graphics
  • Lockable KD Cabinets
  • Adjustable feet to provide panel leveling on uneven floors
  • Walls as high as 16 ft.
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Monitor Mounts
  • Truss components or headers as shown
  • An Economy “Pallet Pack” 1-way shipper OR
  • A Re-usable “Xylea-Shipping Container”
  • Fire-Rated Panels

Our Xylea-Shippers employ the “compression packing system” to safely & compactly transport your Xylea Exhibit System from location to location.

Step 3. Contact Us for a FREE Consultation Quote

Not sure what you’ll need? Contact our expert trade show display consultants for a free quote on your project at (909) 860-2695 or fill out the form below. We can help you plan your display, advise you on money saving tips, & even help calculate your expected shipping costs!

Xylea Wood Affordable DIY Slatwall Displays


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