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S&F Woodcrafters, Inc., developers and manufacturers of revolutionary, patented Xylea-Wood Slatwall Custom Trade Show Exhibits is committed to offering service and quality, lightweight slatwall and flush wall trade show and retail displays while also educating our customers about our products. We have set up this frequently asked questions about Xylea Wood slatwall to inform you about slatwall, what’s unique about Xylea Wood, and the process of designing and purchasing a Xylea Wood Modular DIY trade show display, kiosk, booth, retail display, island booth, conference room or panel.

Common Questions about Xylea-Wood® Slatwall Display Panels & Exhibit System

What are other common names for slatwall?

Slatwall is also commonly referred to as slat, slat wall, slatboard, slotwall, grooved board, and grooved fiber board.

What is Xylea-Wood® Slatwall?

A lightweight, strong engineered wood inspired by the super cell structure of Balsa trees, Xylea Wood Slatwall is twice the strenth of conventional plywood, yet ½ the weight. Xylea Wood is designed with pre-tensioned strength built into each board, making the Custom Exhibits we design and build the perfect cheap, yet high-quality trade show display solution or retail kiosk for merchandising your products.

By studying the super cell structure of one of nature’s strongest trees, the Balsa, we’ve been able to replicate and mass produce the microscopic super cell structure of the balsa tree to create an engineered lumber that is twice the strength of conventional plywood, yet ½ the weight, while still affordable.

The concept of engineered pre-tensioned strength is built into the board and we can make it stronger or lighter on demand. It is as if we can grow a tree that is exactly the size and strength that you need! We define the required strength and weight and instantly build it into wood at the manufacturing point. And we don’t have to wait 15 to 20 years for it to grow!

Does Xylea-Wood come in different styles and configurations?

Yes! A fully Modular Trade Show Display System, virtually any Exhibit, Trade Show Booth, Display, Kiosk and configuration can be designed and built utilizing Xylea Wood Custom Slatwall. Browse our basic booth packages or let’s us help bring your booth idea to life!

What color options does Xylea-Wood Exhibits come in?

Color options include White, Black, and Amber Maple Wood and can be mixed throughout displays.

Does Xylea-Wood come in double sided option?

Yes, Xylea Wood is available in both single sided slatwall and double sided slatwall, offering more space for merchandising or if you choose, you can simply slot a panel at any location in the front or back of a panel and slip shelving into place. The interior patented Xylea Wood core will hold it in place with no brackets or additional hardware.

What types of Surface Materials is Xylea-Wood available in?

Xylea Wood Slatwall panels are available in a variety of surface materials including HPL, MDF, or PVC (Komatex) which provides an excellent printing surface. You can even place your walls on the printer bed and print graphics directly to the Xylea Wood panels!

Is there a Design Fee for creating custom displays?

No. We offer 100% FREE Exhibit Design Support and can help you create your custom booth design.

Does Xylea-Wood ship nationwide?

Yes, S&F Woodcrafters is based in Southern California and ships nationwide and to Canada.

Is Xylea-Wood made in the USA?

Yes. Headquartered in Pomona, California, Xylea Wood is 100% American-made and is manufactured in the United States.

Can I customize my Xylea-Wood Exhibit with shelving or cabinets?

Yes! Xylea Wood displays are fully customizable and can be built to suit your needs. S&F Woodcrafters takes a strategic approach to every client’s needs and makes recommendations based on your business goals. While we do offer basic booth packages, add ons are available including walls as high as 16ft, shelving, lighting, cabinets, fixtures, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, flooring, and graphics. You envision your exhibit idea, we bring your dream display to life!

Why is it important to use strong, lightweight, and flexible materials for trade show exhibits?

S&F Woodcrafters’ CEO Joe Fleming, an expert in the Tradeshow Exhibit business for over 30 years, explains the importance of using strong, light, straight building materials to build the panels, floors and decks for tradeshow booths:

“We ship our booths all over the country. Some of them set up 8 to 10 times a year. They must be strong to resist wear and tear, and lightweight so they can be easily handled on show floors. Using Xylea-Wood, you can confidently set up a booth in Chicago in January, when the weather is 10 degrees below zero and then head to Miami the following week, to 90-degree heat and humidity. Even with drastic weather changes, Xylea-Wood will never warp. It is extremely stable.”

How long does it take to get my booth designed and built with Xylea-Wood?

We pay exacting attention to quality and detail for all Xylea Wood Exhibits. To provide the very best service, we ask for a 4 to 5 week window to design and build your booth. When you know book your event, contact us immediately to get a free quote on your display at 909.860.2695! Our trade show design experts can help you design your booth display and advise you on what you’ll need.

Do you offer batching discounts?

Yes! Ask us about our batching discounts when you get your quote on your booth idea.

Do you offer booth rental options?

Booth rentals are available on a limited basis. Call us at (909) 860-2695 to ask about rental options and availability in Las Vegas & on the West Coast in Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco & San Diego.

I’m not sure what I’ll need. Can you help me plan my booth design?

Yes! Our team of design experts can help you create your booth design and advise you on what you need.

Do you offer free quotes?

We’re happy to offer free quotes on your booth idea or display needs. Fill out our quick request a quote form online or call us at 909.860.2695.

Can you help calculate the shipping costs I’ll have to pay to ship my booth to trade show venues?

Yes, we can help calculate your expected shipping costs within a 5% margin and if you need a recommendation on a shipping service, we can connect you.

Is it easy to assemble Xylea-Wood exhibits?

Yes. With Xylea Wood lightweight, modular DIY design, it’s easy to set up. Typically, it can be set up in less than an hour without having to hire on-site labor or expensive contractors.

Do I need any special tools to build Xylea Wood Exhibits?

No, the handy tool you need to assemble Xylea Wood DIY Exhibits is provided.

Will I need to hire contractors at trade show venues to assemble my booth display?

No, Xylea Wood DIY Trade Show Exhibits are quick and easy to assemble and are perfect for those who want to save money on assembly costs and on-site labor fees.

Do you have standard booth options available?

Yes, we offer Basic Booth Packages as well as custom options.

Is all the connecting hardware included to build my display?

Yes, all gravity cleats and fixtures needed to assembly your display are included as specified in each configuration.

Is Xylea-Wood compatible with Standard Slatwall Fixtures?

Yes, Xylea Wood is compatible with most standard slatwall accessories and fixtures, including hooks, brackets and shelving.

How much does a standard Xylea-Wood’s slatwall panel weigh?

Each panel weighs only 42 lbs. and ALL panels fit into one easily transported shipping container, offering BIG SAVINGS on your shipping costs!

Can I add on to my Xylea-Wood display if my needs change?

Yes, Xylea Wood Exhibits are fully modular and can be reconfigured at any time. You can easily go from a 10×10 booth to a 10×20 or add panels as needed.

Is Xylea-Wood available in Fire-Rated Materials?

Yes! Xylea-Wood’s full line of products is now available in A-1 Rated Fire-Rated, Non-Combustible, Water-proof, Microbial, Green Compliant Panels.

Is Xylea-Wood Slatwall strong enough to support heavy merchandise?

Slatwall Panels are strong enough to support heavy goods, when used with readily-available shelves.

Is there a difference between Xylea-Wood Slatwall and Xylea-Wood Slotwall?

Yes! Xylea Slot wall is nearly 2x stronger than slat wall, weighs less than half, and best of all, it requires no brackets or supports! Perfect for supporting heavier goods, Xylea-Wood Slot Wall offers a cleaner, sleeker look. 

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