Xylea-Wood Introduces Dealer / Distributor Program


Xylea-Wood is thrilled to launch their new dealer / distributor program offering strategic partners the opportunity to bring Xylea’s full line of products, including their fire-rated line of non-combustible and Class A1-Rated building materials, to their clients and projects.

The current health crisis and continued need for safe social distancing —along with the need for chemical resistant, fire-rated building materials —has changed the way we merchandise and the way we do business. Xylea-Wood has recognized this need and has developed the perfect solution.

Introducing Xylea-EXTREME®

A mother nature approved, tried and true paneling system designed for today’s building and exhibiting needs, Xylea-Wood is thrilled to expand our product line with the introduction of Xylea-EXTREME®, a fire-rated, chemical-resistant, anti-microbial water-repellent display panel and building solution we have incorporated into our Xylea product line, now available to select business partners.

As an authorized Xylea® Partner, you have the unique opportunity to bring big savings and value to your customers and projects and to increase your profit margin in several ways.

  • Lucrative Dealer Discounts
  • Bulk Discounts for Builders
  • Direct your clients to our informational site and sell our products directly to them
  • Let us assist you with modifying your own web module with your name for a direct presentation
  • Or propose any custom design you have in mind and we can offer wholesale pricing for you
  • Territories Available – Limited Opportunities for Select Partners
  • Demo modules available for your showroom –  demonstrate functionality & versatility
  • Extreme Fire-Rating Options Available for entire Xylea product line

If you are familiar with our Patented Xylea exhibit system, you already know it is the premier lightweight “True hard wall” exhibit system used by exhibitors and merchandisers for builds that require fast and easy installation.

Xylea-Extreme Panels bring extra savings and added value to your projects, offering safe and sustainable, high-quality, non-combustible walls and building solutions that will become a permanent offering for our entire “Xylea-Exhibit System Product Line” as we expand to indoor / outdoor applications.

The Xylea® Exhibit System & Product Line offers Built-In Savings & Added Value:

  • Up to 50% Off Installation & Dismantle Costs
  • Up to 40% Off Drayage Costs
  • Up to 30% off of Electrical Costs
  • Built-In Wire Management System

The Xylea Exhibit System and Xylea-EXTREME can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Merchandising Displays
  • Retail Displays & Store Fixtures
  • Barricades
  • Mall Kiosks
  • Pop-Up Displays
  • Enclosures
  • Conference Rooms
  • Partitions
  • Cubicle Walls
  • Sign Walls & Graphic Panels
  • Tall Wall Room Dividers
  • Wall Dividers for Labs, Schools, Hospitals and more

We invite you to become an Authorized Xylea Dealer Today! Call us to learn more.