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    Trade Show Insider Secrets Revealed!

    Wouldn’t it be great to get insider tips on how to create an optimum display and branded experience for your potential customers, buyers, and influencers, without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered! Download our insider secrets for avoiding hidden trade show display costs while saving time, headaches, and money on your next trade show display and learn:

    • Current challenges facing exhibitors in terms of hidden costs of drayage, shipping costs & staying on budget
    • The benefits of selecting a display product that is lightweight and easy to use
    • Why no-tools-required is a key benefit in terms of saving on labor costs, how lighter weight materials increases your overall ROI, how planning how your display will be packaged & shipped as it relates to overall costs is important, + why it’s good to calculate all your costs up front
    • Bonus Tips: Visual Merchandising & Display Basics
    • How Revolutionary, Patented Xylea–Wood® Custom Slatwall Exhibits can help you achieve all your goals!
    Xylea Wood Trade Show Secrets eBook