Five Common Questions about Xylea Wood Slatwall Custom Trade Show Exhibits & Displays

Xylea Wood Lightweight Slatwall Display

Common Questions about Xylea Wood Slatwall Custom Exhibit Displays.

While we’d love to think everyone in the trade show world has heard about Xylea Wood slatwall and knows how awesome it is, how it’s unique, and how it can save you money on on-site assembly and shipping costs, we do get a lot of questions on how to build custom displays and booths utilizing Xylea Wood.

S&F Woodcrafters, Inc., developers and manufacturers of revolutionary, patented Xylea Wood Slatwall is not only committed to offering service and quality trade show and retail displays, but also to educating our customers about our products. We have set up a frequently asked questions page about Xylea Wood slatwall to inform you about slatwall, what’s unique about Xylea Wood, and the process of ordering a Xylea Wood trade show display, kiosk, booth, retail display, or panel. We hope that whether you are new to slatwall, or have some experience with slatwall that you will find this information useful.

We’d thought we’d address five of our most common questions below.

1. What is Xylea Wood Slatwall?

Xylea Wood is a lightweight, strong engineered wood inspired by the super cell structure of Balsa trees. Twice the strenth of conventioanl plywood, yet ½ the weight, Xylea Wood Slatwall is designed with pre-tensioned strength built into each board, making the Custom Exhibits we design and build the perfect trade show display solution or retail kiosk for merchandising your products.

2. What color options can I choose for my Xylea Wood Booth, Display, Kiosk, or Retail Display?

Xylea Wood Slatwall Exhibits are available in White, Black, & Amber Maple Wood and based on configuration, in combinations of any color as shown in slider below.

3. Does Xylea Wood come in different styles and configurations?

Yes! Virtually any Exhibit, Trade Show Booth, Display, Kiosk or Retail Display or configuration can be designed and built utilizing Xylea Wood Custom Slatwall. Browse our basic booth packages or let’s us help bring your booth idea to life!

4. Does Xylea Wood ship nationwide?

Yes, S&F Woodcrafters is based in Southern California and ships nationwide.

5. How long does it take to get my booth designed with Xylea Wood?

We pay exacting attention to quality and detail for all Xylea Wood Exhibits. To provide the very best service, we ask for a 4 to 5 week window to design and build your booth. When you know book your event, contact us immediately to get a free quote on your display at 909.860.2695! Our trade show design experts can help you design your booth display and advise you on what you’ll need.

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