Trade Show Display Walls & Retail Display Panels

Lightweight, Straight & Strong, Xylea-Wood® SLAT is no ordinary SLATWALL…

S&F Woodcrafters, Inc.  is the original developer/creator of Xylea-Wood® Double-Sided, Portable Custom Slatwall. Strong, Straight & Light, Xylea Panels are easy to handle, and of course, friendly to Mother Nature.

Built with Xylea’s patented CORE, Xylea® Panels employ a proprietary Double-lock System that doubles & triples the strength of each slat’s weight bearing capacity.


Single-Sided Slat Wall with Flush Wall Back • Double-Sided Slatwall • Slot-Wall • Wood Slatwall • Peg-Wall • Curved, Flex Slatwall • Bulk Pricing • FIRE-RATED SLATWALL PANELS

The full Xylea line of products is now available in Xylea-Extreme Non-combustible, Class A & Class A-1 Fire-Rated Building Materials & Panels. Virtually impervious to water and to microbes, Xylea Panels can be used for “indoor and outdoor use” for sensitive environments, including schools, labs, hospitals and more.

Custom Panels Available in Slotwall, Pegwall & Flex, Curved Wall

Watch videos below to learn more about the differences between slatwall, pegwall & curved panels.

Slatwall Display Panel & Trade Show Wall Configurations

This is a typical trade show display utilizing Xylea-Wood Slatwall with shelving to showcase shoes:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Display System

Lightweight Xylea-Wood Slatwall Display Panels:

Xylea-Wood Portable Light Weight Slatwall Panels

Single-sided slatwall display crafted with Xylea-Wood in white using display shelves:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Panels

Example of a return or side wall panels in Xylea-Wood slatwall in white:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Panels

Well-lit 10×20 display space utilizing Xylea-Wood slatwall with shelving:

Slatwall Exhibit with Lighting

Example of a free-standing Xylea-Wood slatwall panel which can be used with T-stanchions:

Xylea-Wood Free-Standing Slatwall Display Panels

Xylea-Wood Slatwall shown in Amber Maple Wood H-Shaped Kiosk utilizing standard slatwall fixtures & brackets:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Merchandising Displays

Custom Xylea-Wood corner unit Kiosk below:

Slatwall Corner Kiosk Xyleaw-Wood

Aerial photograph showcases potential size & customized shapes vendors can achieve using patented Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibit System:

Xylea Wood Lightwood Slatwall Aerial View

The Xylea-Wood Exhibit System enables exhibitors to professionally showcase & merchandise their wares:

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Xylea-Wood Slatwall

This Xylea-Wood trade show package uses a truss lighting system along with Xylea-Wood Slatwall Display Panels

Xylea Wood Slatwall Exhibit Display

Available in Fire-Rated Options

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