Xylea-Wood® Lightweight Slatwall for Trade Show Walls, Retail Displays & Builders

Strong, Straight and Lightweight, Xylea-Wood® SLAT is no ordinary SLATWALL…

S&F Woodcrafters, Inc. is the original developer/creator of Xylea-Wood® Double-Sided, Portable Custom Slatwall. Xylea® Panels are easy to use and friendly to Mother Nature.

Built with Xylea’s patented CORE, Xylea® Panels employ a proprietary Double-lock System that doubles and triples the strength of each slat’s weight bearing capacity.




♦ Single-Sided Slatwall with Flush Wall Back
♦ Double-Sided Slatwall
♦ Slot-Wall
♦ Wood Slat Wall
♦ Custom Vinyl Acrylic Slat Wall
♦ Peg-Wall
♦ Curved, Flex Slatwall
♦ Fire-Rated Options

Slatwall Panel Displays & Trade Show Wall Configurations

This is a typical trade show display utilizing Xylea-Wood Slatwall with shelving to showcase shoes:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Display System

Lightweight Xylea-Wood Slatwall Display Panels:

Xylea-Wood Portable Light Weight Slatwall Panels

Single-sided slatwall display crafted with Xylea-Wood in white using display shelves:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Panels

Example of a return or side wall panels in Xylea-Wood slatwall in white:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Panels

Well-lit 10×20 display space utilizing Xylea-Wood slatwall with shelving:

Slatwall Exhibit with Lighting

Example of a free-standing Xylea-Wood slatwall panel which can be used with T-stanchions:

Xylea-Wood Free-Standing Slatwall Display Panels

Xylea-Wood Slatwall shown in Amber Maple Wood H-Shaped Kiosk utilizing standard slatwall fixtures & brackets:

Xylea Wood Slatwall Merchandising Displays

Custom Xylea-Wood corner unit Kiosk below:

Slatwall Corner Kiosk Xyleaw-Wood

Aerial photograph showcases potential size & customized shapes vendors can achieve using patented Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibit System:

Xylea Wood Lightwood Slatwall Aerial View

The Xylea-Wood Exhibit System enables exhibitors to professionally showcase & merchandise their wares:

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Xylea-Wood Slatwall

This Xylea-Wood trade show package uses a truss lighting system along with Xylea-Wood Slatwall Display Panels

Xylea Wood Slatwall Exhibit Display

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