Tradeshow Display Ideas

Event DeliveryAfter you’ve paid your deposit, the next step is to map out your tradeshow display strategy. Regardless of whether your product is small and easily transportable or large and impractical to cart from one city to the next, there are some tried and true tips for making sure your tradeshow booth display stands apart. Here are our top five tips for tradeshow display success:

  1. Color is key. Take a clue from the fact preschool and kindergarten rooms are decorated in bold, bright colors. If you want to win over trade show participants, capture them with color.
  2. The bigger, the better. This doesn’t mean you have to rent the largest display space in the place. What it does mean is that you need to make the most of whatever display space you rent. White space is for art galleries, not trade shows. Using every square inch will not only help you get the most bang for your buck, but it will enable you to create an attractive, eye-catching space. But beware that some display materials can be extremely costly to ship as well as setup. Consider investing in something lightweight, like patented Xylea-wood, which is durable, affordable and lightweight.
  3. Opportunity knocks. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Have you ever heard of anyone who doesn’t like a chance to win free stuff? For a modest amount, you can create a large gift basket to display at the front of your booth. Asking trade show attendees to give you their name, telephone number and email address might be odd unless it is to give them a chance to win the opportunity drawing. Those leads will come in handy later, and will give people something to look forward to, if you specify that winners need to be present to win and the prize winner will be drawn at the end of the day.
  4. Interactivity wins the day. The single largest innovation that is catching the eyes of investors is interactive entertainment. People love to have immersive experiences. Even if your product doesn’t naturally lend itself to demonstration with a game, try to come up with an idea for adding a bit of innovation to your display space. It could be as complicated as virtual reality laser tag or as simple as a hand-made wheel that attendees spin for modest prizes. The important thing is to get attendees involved in your display, so you can win them over as customers.
    Businessman on the presentation of the new brand
    Xylea-wood is a great tradeshow display solution.
  5. Motion sways emotion. Try to get people inside your booth instead of standing at the perimeter. The best way to do this is to display products not just at the front but at the back and on the sides of your booth space. The more invested potential customers are, the better your chances to land them as clients. Another way to get people moving in your display space is to turn on some music and dance away the day. Have you ever wondered why business owners pay sign twirlers to swing their signs? Something that moves is always more eye catching than something that is static.

If you are considering taking part in an industry trade show, check out the attractive, lightweight, affordable trade show display and kiosk solutions available by Xylea-Wood. Our patented technology is an eco-friendly answer to your trade show, kiosk and display needs—twice as strong as conventional materials. Call (909) 860-2695 or click here to email us today for details about our display solutions.