Benefits & Differences of Using Trade Show Slatwall or Slot Wall for Your Display

Xylea-Wood Slatwall & Double Sided

Slatwall vs. Slotwall Exhibit Displays

First, let’s clarify – the terms slatwall and slotwall are not interchangeable, despite what many tradeshow exhibitors and construction firms might have you believe. Slatwall involves a wall with a row of equidistant slats that run flush, from side to side, of the wall. This gives the wall a “ladder” look to it, as the entire wall is typically marked by slats at various increments.

Slotwalls, on the other hand, feature holes that do not travel flush to the sides of the wall. Instead, they are designed as slots for the insertion of shelving or other structures that fit into (instead of sliding onto) the wall.

Should you use Slatwall or Slotwall for your display?

Let’s explore the two types of construction and examine the key differences:

Slotwall Construction

Xylea-Wood Slot Wall Strength

This type of wall requires the use of a router to make a slot in the wall, and then the insertion of a custom-fit shelf or support unit into the slot. The shelf fits seamlessly into the opening for a tight fit that won’t bend or wiggle. Xylea-Slot is a revoultionary product from Xylea-wood, which offers some attractive features for busy tradeshow exhibitors and installers.There are lots of benefits to using slotwall:

  • Requires no support brackets for simpler installation, reducing booth shipping costs, and lowering the risk of damage or something happening in transit.
  • Xylea-Slot is up to 2 ½ times stronger than slatwall-based shelving. Slotwalls are designed to hold heavy weights, making them ideal for display monitors or other heavy demonstration materials.
    • Additional shelf pockets can easily be added. Modifying the slotwall does not require carpentry skills, and can be easily completed.
  • The Xylea-Slot product has a more finished look due to minimal holes in the walls, eliminating the repeating pattern of slat walls.

Slatwall Benefits:

Xylea-Wood Slatwall Trade Show Shelving & Lighting Display

Slatwall construction is a wall that has pre-cut slats along the entire length of the wall. The user inserts shelving into the slat, and can easily adjust the height by simply moving up the “ladder” created by the row of slats.

  • Slatwalls can be quickly customized due to the number of available slats. Shelves or hangers can be adjusted, or new items can be added on the fly, making them a flexible choice for companies that like to frequently change the look of their exhibit space or have a need to display their merchandise on shelves.
  • Slatwalls require brackets, which can be bulky to carry and install.
  • Slatwalls are useful for displaying many small items, but not large bulky materials that might break the slats.
  • Slatwalls can be aesthetically distracting, especially when many of the slats are not in use or are not covered up by booth decorations or signage.

Deciding on the right wall application for your exhibit depends on the type of information or products you are displaying, the needed mobility of the exhibit, and the aesthetics. Whether you use slatwall or slotwall, both the slatwall and slotwalls from Xylea are made from Xylea-Wood, a trans-formative product that offers unparalleled strength and lightness. It’s half the weight of plywood with many times the strength of traditional slatwall construction.

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Much easier to transport than bulky MDF display walls, Xylea-Wood products are designed for optimal aesthetic looks and high performance. If you are considering taking part in an industry trade show or convention, check out the attractive, lightweight, affordable trade show display and kiosk solutions available by Xylea-Wood. Our patented technology is an eco-friendly answer to your trade show, kiosk and display needs—twice as strong as conventional materials.

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