Trade Show Planning Checklist & Timeline Part 2

Custom Budget Trade Show Exhibits

In our last post we outlined the importance of pre-trade show planning along with a timeline of tasks and tips for making your trade show display a success. In part 2 of our trade show planning and timeline checklist, we’re highlighting tips for maximizing your time during your trade show event.

Booth Set-up
Allow time for setting up your booth. If you’ve chosen a lightweight, do-it-yourself trade show display system such as Xylea-Wood Slatwall Custom Exhibits, you can quickly assemble your trade show booth yourself, without any tools or on-site labor which can pile on extra costs in terms of labor fees and union fees. Plus, you’ll have time to chat with your neighboring vendors and maybe even grab a quick cup of coffee or juice before the convention opens to the public!

At the Show
Final training with trade show booth staffers.

Assign roles – booth staff, social media posts, photos, video, networking, demos, etc.

Stay objective focused – set specific goals for each day.

Test Your Pitch
Engage and test your pitch – by engaging with as many attendees as you can and testing out your pitch (try A/B testing and change one aspect/variable of your pitch at a time to see what is most effective).

Get Organized
Keep track of contact info – make a point to get contact info and keep it organized. Whether you employ the power of Google forms to collect information on your tablet or have a pen and paper sign-up sheet for emails, collecting names and emails is crucial to your success.

Check show directory & note booths you’d like to visit, speakers you’d like to hear, blogger events & cocktail parties you’d like to attend.

Dress appropriately for your type of business.

Network with other vendors, buyers, attendees.

Do market research & gather intel on competition.

Take photos & video to use for future use & employ the power of social media – Leverage Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, etc.

Demos work!
Utilize demonstrations to showcase your product. Having an immersive experience will create a more lasting impression than just telling prospects about your product!

Giveaways & Contests
Maximize your giveaways and contests to build brand awareness and for lead capture. (This is a great way to get email addresses!)

Beyond handing out business cards and brochures, be sure to get contact information from everyone who visits your booth for follow up. A great deal of all this paper gets tossed after the show and you can always send them something afterwards.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we’ll be discussing best practices and tips for after your trade show.