Trade Show Fabricator of Xylea Wood Launches Effort to Protect National Forests.

Xylea Wood Supports National Forests

Pomona Trade Show Manufacturer & Developer of Xylea Wood S&F Woodcrafters Announces New Effort, Pledging to Plant Trees in 2019.

A firm believer in giving back, Southern California trade show manufacturer S&F Woodcrafters, Inc. is on a mission to protect our national forests. Pledging support of the National Forest Foundation, S&F Woodcrafters aims to protect forests and do good by donating a portion of proceeds from each Xylea Wood custom exhibit or retail display sold in 2019 to help plant trees and support the California Wildfire Restoration Fund.

A family-owned and operated business, S&F Woodcrafters is committed to developing products that preserve our natural resources and to supporting efforts to keep our forest systems in tact for future generations.

“S&F Woodcrafters & Xylea Wood is passionate about giving back and is proud to support non-profit organizations that preserve our planet,” says S&F Woodcrafters CEO, Joseph Fleming. “We believe in protecting our natural resources for future generations and are committed to donating a portion of profits from every Xylea Wood Exhibit sold to plant trees that help sustain our environment. Together, we share a commitment to join efforts to protect national forests and grasslands and to become stewards of the wildlife that calls our forests home.”

“We’re also committed to designing and building the highest quality of exhibits, to providing exceptional customer service and support, and to providing affordable, lightweight, DIY trade show display solutions for our customers,” states Fleming.

If you’re looking for an affordable and eco-friendly trade show booth solution or retail display while also supporting a brand doing good, then Xylea Wood is for you!

A custom slatwall exhibit system perfect for merchandising trade show exhibits and retail displays, Xylea Wood is a patented, modular paneling system that is perfect for use for trade show booths, display, exhibits, mall kiosks, retail displays, and more.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Technology®.
After studying microscopic pictures of balsa wafer, S&F Woodcrafters has replicated and mass produced the microscopic super cell structure of the balsa tree, creating an engineered lumber, Xylea Wood, that is so strong and stable that we believe it is destined to completely replace the use of plywood in the future.

Why Choose Xylea Wood?
Xylea-Wood® Lightweight Slatwall is the solution to ALL your trade show display and merchandising needs. Developed & manufactured in the U.S. by S&F Woodcrafters, Inc., Xylea-Wood® is a fully customizable modular exhibit system. With its lightweight and flexible design, Xylea-Wood® allows you to build virtually any trade show display booth or design you can imagine, or you can choose from a variety of all inclusive booth packages.

Designed with durability and cost-efficiency in mind, our patented slide & lock system allows you to assemble your trade show display yourself without tools or expensive on-site contractors or union workers. By choosing Xylea-Wood® DIY slatwall for your hard wall trade show display, you’ll SAVE money on assembly, shipping, & drayage costs every time you use your booth!

Xylea Wood® slatwall panels can be customized with graphics, shelving, cabinets, lighting, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, fixtures, breakouts & walls as high as 16 ft.

Our expert staff can help you every step of the way, from picking your booth size & configuration, to advising on customizations & accessories designed strategically to meet your business goals, as well as calculating your expected shipping costs. Let us help bring your design to life! First pick your booth size and style, consider what accessories you’ll need, next contact us for a FREE Quote!

Benefits of Choosing Xylea Wood for your Trade Show Display:

  • Save Money on Shipping & Assembly & On-Site Labor & Drayage
  • Quick, Easy Set-Up, Tool-less Assembly
  • High Impact, Quality Trade Show Exhibits Perfect for Merchandising
  • 5-Star, Friendly Customer Support +FREE Design Consultations & Quotes
  • Made in USA & Ships Nationwide & Canada
  • We can estimate your expected shipping costs within a 5% margin
  • Simple Acts Change the World. S&F Woodcrafters, Inc. is a brand on a mission to protect our National Forests & Wildlife. Your Xylea Wood display purchase helps fuel the effort!

All Xylea Wood Exhibits are fully customizable and come in virtually any size and configuration you can imagine. Standard Booth Options available or customize your display with lighting, flooring, shelving, fixtures, cabinets, graphics, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, conference rooms, and walls as high as 16 ft. Click here to read more about Xylea Wood Slatwall FAQs. 

Click here for more information about the National Forest Foundation.

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About S&F Woodcrafters & Xylea Wood
Our Mission. At S&F Woodcrafters & Xylea Wood, we’re passionate about providing high quality lightweight and affordable merchandising and display solutions for businesses and retail spaces and it’s our mission to help them create successful trade show booths and retail displays to achieve their business goals and growth while using sustainable core materials that help keep the integrity of our global forests and wildlife in tact.

Our Vision. Inspired by nature and perfected by technology, we believe in offering the very best trade show and retail display solutions with our patented revolutionary modular paneling system, Xylea Wood, that replicates the super cell structure of the Balsa tree with a fabricated paneling system that is strong, affordable, and lightweight and easy to use, while preserving Balsa trees and maintaining habitats for birds and wildlife, including sloths who love to chill in Balsa trees!

Our Promise. We’re committed to designing and building the highest quality of exhibits, to providing exceptional customer service and support, and to providing affordable, lightweight,DIY trade show display solutions for our customers.

With every exhibit sold, we support organizations that celebrate and preserve the gift of nature, including the National Forest Foundation, that plants trees and protects National Forests.