Top Tips to Save Money on Your Trade Show Display: Part 2

10x30 Custom Slatwall Trade Show Booth

Tradeshow Display Savings Tips: Part 2

Spend Less on Your Tradeshow Display using Lightweight Slatwall Materials

In our last post, we discussed the importance of strategically mapping out costs for your trade show display and in today’s post, we’ll be touching on trade show display savings tips, including the importance of building your exhibit using lightweight materials, and in particular, how Xylea® Woods’ patented slatwall system can help you save big, both financially as well as time-wise on your trade show display.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your tradeshow exhibit is successful and gets a good ROI is simply to spend less on your tradeshow display option.

Let’s face it. Exhibiting is a lot of work. And it can be fraught with expenses that you just may not be expecting. If you’re looking for trade show display savings tips and ways to save time, money, and reduce costs on your display, the key is employing cost-saving measures that not only cut your overall expenses, but also make your experience more enjoyable. If you are considering taking part in an industry trade show, it’s important to carefully consider display options and how the weight, assembly, and even how the materials will be shipped affect the overall costs. Careful planning can save you money on your tradeshow display costs. Save time, money, effort, and headaches with the following tips for planning your tradeshow display.

Trade Show Display Savings Tip: Create a Trade Show Display that is Simple, Sleek, and Easy to Assemble

There are many benefits to choosing display materials that are DIY and easy-to-assemble, including saving money on on-site labor and union fees. By choosing a display that requires no tools, you can create a DIY display in under an hour and avoid paying hefty union fees.

Benefits of Selecting Display Products that are Lightweight

Did you know that choosing lightweight display materials will help you save on shipping costs? Be mindful of choosing lighter materials to build your display. Remember, lightweight is the RIGHT weight! From shipping materials to your event or getting them moved at the convention center, you can save BIG by choosing lightweight display materials.

Merchandising Made Easy with Slatwall Displays

Trade show booth slatwall displays have experienced a significant upsurge in popularity over recent years and there’s a reason why. Versatile and crafted with precision, slatwall panels allow you to turn any wall into a merchandising display! Slatwall panels are like a blank canvas; you can decorate it with shelves, hanging racks, hooks, use your imagination to create a work of art with your products and merchandise!

Strong, yet light, with interchangeable panels and parts, slatwall may be the perfect solution for you to display your product in kiosks and at tradeshows.

Not all slatwall is created equal, however. It’s true; some slatwall is heavy and cumbersome and can cost you in terms of shipping and set up. But there’s a new slatwall sheriff in town, a sleeker, lighter, stronger slatwall, one that’s easy for almost everyone to carry and assemble.

Introducing Revolutionary Xylea® Wood Slatwall

Xylea® Wood Slatwall offers the perfect solution to your slatwall dilemma – it’s not what you’d expect with traditional slatwall – heavy, clunky, hard to work with – it’s new and improved!

Xylea® Wood is not your grandmother’s slatwall – it’s better! Introducing a new generation of lightweight, easy to assemble slatwall, the Xylea® Wood Slatwall Exhibit System is half the weight of typical slatwall, super easy to assemble – no tools required – and quick to put together. In fact, you can usually set up your tradeshow display in less than 10 minutes, by yourself, well under the hour that typical convention centers allow you to set up before requiring you to pay for on-site assistance. The Xylea® Wood Slatwall Exhibit System even features a double sided option to expand your merchandising space and maximize your merchandising efforts.

Stay tuned for more cost-saving ideas where we’ll be delving deeper into how lightweight, easy to assemble slatwall displays can bring big savings with shipping and set up.

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About the Xylea® Wood Tradeshow Display System

The Xylea® Wood patented Custom Tradeshow Display System can help you achieve all your goals, including providing affordable, customizable high-quality trade show displays that are easy to assemble – no tools required, lightweight (save money on shipping and labor costs) with merchandising made-easy! If you’re looking to save money and time, while still making your product stand out, we can help you create the perfect tradeshow display. Xylea-Wood also prides themselves on providing customer support in helping you access your needs and can walk you through the process of planning and budgeting the perfect display.