Top Tips to Save Money on Your Trade Show Display: Part 3

Xylea Wood 10x10 Slatwall Convention Booth

Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Trade Show Display: Part 3

Avoid Hidden Trade Show Exhibitor Shipping Costs

In our last post, we discussed how to save money on your trade show display utilizing lightweight trade show materials. Below we’re highlighting tips for saving money on trade show shipping and labor costs and how to reduce your overall time, effort and energy, even headaches, at your event.

Avoid Hidden Trade Show Display Costs with Shipping

Trade Show exhibitors face many challenges in terms of unexpected shipping costs, set up costs, and staying on budget.

No one wants to pay extra for shipping costs and set up at a trade show and for many who don’t plan ahead for their trade show display, they may fall victim to extra expenses, including the dreaded “drayage factor” expenses.

What is Drayage? Drayage is essentially the transport of goods over a short distance––in this case, between your carrier’s vehicle and your booth space at a trade show or event. In a nutshell, drayage costs themselves are dependent upon a number of factors, including labor rates at your event, how you pack and ship your freight, and the particulars of your booth itself. That’s why it’s important to consider working with lightweight materials that are easy and quick to assemble.

With the Xylea® Wood Trade Show Exhibit System, there are no extra costs! We’ll help you select the best trade show display solution for your business and even help calculate expected shipping costs. Because we’ve pre-measured our materials and have calculated the weights and sizes of our shipping containers, we can accurately predict what your shipping costs will be, taking less room during actual shipping with our flattened boxes, and with our lightweight materials, it’ll be super easy for you to transport your exhibit materials on site.

Are you looking for trade show display solutions? Check out the attractive, lightweight, affordable trade show display and kiosk solutions available by Xylea-Wood. Our patented technology is an eco-friendly answer to all your trade show, kiosk and display needs—twice as strong as conventional materials and Xylea Wood Slatwall is as easy to assemble as legos! Call (909) 860-2695 to speak to an Xylea® Tradeshow Expert, your very own personal shopper who can help you select the right solutions for your business, or click here to email us for details about custom display options.




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About the Xylea® Wood Tradeshow Display System

The Xylea® Wood patented Custom Tradeshow Display System can help you achieve all your goals, including providing affordable, customizable high-quality trade show displays that are easy to assemble – no tools required, lightweight (save money on shipping and labor costs) with merchandising made-easy! If you’re looking to save money and time, while still making your product stand out, we can help you create the perfect tradeshow display. Xylea-Wood also prides themselves on providing customer support in helping you access your needs and can walk you through the process of planning and budgeting the perfect display.