Package 4d_30 w/Header

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Catalog: #04..Tradeshow Exhibits
Section: A..Booth Sizes & Configurations
Size: 03..10×30
Model/Style: 04d..RE95xr_30RRE45xr-2-3
Features: w/Header
Color: WHITE & White (1)
Img Ref: 04d-30-31-1.jpg

  • $7,096 – Walls & Connectors
  • $260 – Adjustable Feet (Panels only)
  • $669 – Lighting Package
  • None – Tri-Truss Package
  • $100 – 1-Way Shipper
  • $692 – Re-usable Shipper (Add)

1,193 – 1,372 Lbs
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Pick your Colors:

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Detailed Data Specs and Typical Quote:

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