Top Tips to Save Money on Your Trade Show Display: Part 1

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Avoid Hidden Trade Show Display Design Costs and Increase Your Trade Show ROI

S&F Woodcrafters, Inc., developers of the patented Xylea® Wood Display System has years of experience helping businesses just like yours create high-quality custom trade show displays and kiosks that are not only easy to assemble – virtually no tools required – but also produce results in terms of impact, sales, and functionality! And we’re happy to share our insider secrets and trade show display tips for saving time and money!

Trade shows, expos, and conventions are an integral part of many businesses’ marketing strategy. Big events or small local shows, mainstream or niche, these events are a way for members of any particular industry to meet like-minded business owners, to network, to share knowledge, and ideally, display their latest products to potential buyers, influencers and customers. If you’re like most businesses planning a trade show exhibit, you’re looking to get the best ROI for your time and for cost-saving ideas.

Finding the best trade show display options for your business and budget can be overwhelming. Do you need advice on saving time and money on your next trade show display? We’re sharing our best insider tips for saving money on your trade show display in this part three series revealing the hidden costs of exhibiting you may not be expecting.

Whether you are exhibiting at a tradeshow, festival, or industry event for the first time or you are looking to up your merchandising game, it’s important to consider the costs involved in planning your trade show booth or display. For many businesses, saving money on the display/booth itself and avoiding the hidden costs of exhibiting that you may not know about is key to getting a good ROI on your time and effort.

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll be discussing how to spend less on your trade show display utilizing lightweight display materials.

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About the Xylea® Wood Custom Slatwall Tradeshow Display System

The Xylea-Wood® patented Custom Slatwall Tradeshow Display System can help you achieve all your goals, including providing affordable, customizable high-quality trade show displays that are easy to assemble – no tools required, lightweight (save money on shipping and labor costs) with merchandising made-easy! If you’re looking to save money and time, while still making your product stand out, we can help you create the perfect trade show display. Xylea-Wood also prides themselves on providing customer support in helping you access your needs and can walk you through the process of planning and budgeting the perfect display.

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