Top Apps for Lead Capture at Trade Shows

Lead Capture Trade Shows

Apps for Capturing Leads at Trade Shows

You’re at a trade show. You’ve put a great deal of effort and energy into your trade show display (and if you’ve chosen a Xylea Wood Custom Slatwall Display, we know you’re set up was a breeze!) and you’re excited your booth is making an impact and attracting traffic. People are coming in and out of your booth, and your team is engaging in some great conversations.

We know you’re excited to make sales, but just as important, we know you want to make connections and capture new sales leads, including meeting potential bloggers and influencers, affiliates, as well as press who may want to interview you about your service or product.

If you’re relying on the business card in the fish bowl method or using the sign up for our email form method, you may be letting some of these opportunities slip away. By the time you get home, you either can’t remember who’s who, you can’t read your booth guests handwriting, or you have no idea which leads are more qualified than others. The good news is, many trade show apps have hit the market to help you with capturing leads.

Do you need help capturing leads, qualifying leads, and keeping track of contact information at trade shows? Here are a few apps that may just transform how you run your next trade show booth.


iOS, Android

Quick Tap Survey is a popular app that allows you to conduct surveys on iPads and Android tablets. While the app can be used for any kind of data capture or market research scenario, it’s often used at trade shows to gather feedback, qualify leads, and collect contact information.

iOS, Android
Annual and monthly plans available

Used by small and medium businesses and enormous corporations alike, iCapture is another survey and lead capture app. It allows you to design the look and feel of the app to match your brand’s visual identity and set up custom surveys. You can also choose to use the app just to get contact information to build an email list.

iOS, Android, Windows

If you’re a little more old-school and want to keep things simple, a regular business card scanning app might be your best bet. CamCard is a great option for an easy-to-use business card scanner, and it can read cards in 16 different languages. By simply taking a picture of the card, the app will pull out the contact information and store it.

PRO Tip: Google Drive

Google Drive doesn’t typically come to mind when people think “trade show apps,” but it definitely has its place, especially for document capture. There’s an entire walkthrough in the Google Drive documentation on how to scan documents with Google Drive. You can even use your Google Drive account with your iPhone – just take photos using the Drive app on the iPhone. While not as polished as Google Drive for Android devices, it definitely works in a pinch.

What apps are on your list? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter! And for more networking and trade show tips on following up with trade show leads, click here.

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