Tips for Creating Your Trade Show Booth Design with Xylea-Wood Custom Exhibits.

10x20 Custom Exhibit Xylea Wood

Representing your company at a trade show or convention is a big investment, but it is also an opportunity to gain more visibility, make professional connections, and showcase your products and your brand. In this blog post, Xylea-Wood trade show industry experts share tips for trade show planning and design strategies for creating the perfect, affordable display utilizing Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibits as seen in images shown from recent International Housewares Show held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Shout out to Dial Industries, RSVP International, Time Concepts, KingZak and Popular Bath Products for letting us be a small part of your trade show experience. Your displays built with Xylea-Wood look amazing!!

Set Your Trade Show Goals

Before you start planning your booth design, you need to establish specific goals for your trade show presence. Ask yourself, are you looking to make an impression on your current customers or attract new ones? Are you trying to build brand awareness or promote the product you just launched? The answers to these questions will determine every choice you make in trade show planning, from the design layout of your booth, to every nuanced element of your display. If like many exhibitors you are looking to showcase your products, choosing Xylea-Wood lightweight Slatwall to build your display can help you save money with DIY assembly and on shipping and drayage costs. Xylea-Wood slatwall is compatible with most standard slatwall fixtures and shelving and is fully customizable.

Let Your Trade Show Booth Breathe

Always make sure you are creating an open space with your booth display so that your staff and guests can move about and experience your products and display. Our Xylea-Wood expert design consultants can help you create the perfect booth layout with custom elements crafted with your business goals and strategy in mind. So if you need cabinets or a custom dressing room, we can help create the layout that helps you achieve all your goals. Xylea-Wood is also strong and sturdy and will withstand heavy trade show traffice without any worries on mishaps or fallen walls at your show.

Simple Designs are the Most Inviting

If your goal is to showcase and merchandise your products, Xylea-Wood Slatwall is the perfect solution! Whether your need a 10×10 display, a 10×20 booth, a 10×30 exhibit, a conference room or a free-standing kiosk, Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibits offer high-impact solutions for merchandising your products that are quick and simple to assemble with impactful, eye-catching exhibit displays.

Xylea-Wood® Lightweight Slatwall is the Solution to ALL Your Trade Show Display Merchandising Needs.

Discover the Xylea-Wood Collaborative Design Process!

Developed & manufactured in the U.S.A. by S&F Woodcrafters, Inc., Xylea-Wood® is a fully customizable modular exhibit system. With its lightweight and flexible design, Xylea-Wood® allows you to build virtually any trade show display booth or design you can imagine, or you can choose from a variety of all inclusive booth packages.

Designed with cost-efficiency and durability in mind, our patented slatwall system allows you to assemble your trade show display yourself without tools or expensive on-site contractors or union workers. Plus, by choosing Xylea-Wood® do-it-yourslef slatwall for your trade show display, you’ll save money on assembly costs, shipping costs and drayage costs each and every time you use your booth!

Xylea Wood® slatwall panels can be customized with graphics, shelving, cabinets, lighting, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, fixtures & breakouts, including flush walls & walls as high as 16 ft. Click here to watch a demo on how easy it is to install Xylea-Wood fixtures.

Designing With Xylea-Wood – 100% FREE Exhibit Design. Our expert staff can help you every step of the way, from picking your booth size and configuration, to advising on customizations & accessories designed strategically to meet your business goals, as well as calculating your expected shipping costs within a 5% margin.

Let us help bring your display design to life!

S&F Woodcrafters, Inc. specializes in Custom Exhibit Booths, Kiosks & Retail Displays for merchandising and offers FREE design services as well as rentals in select cities, including Las Vegas.

For information on Xylea-Wood Custom Exhibits & Retail Display options, including a FREE Design Consultation & Quote, call 909.860.2695 or click here to request a quote online.

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