A Brand On a Mission

Our Mission.
At S&F Woodcrafters & Xylea Wood, we’re passionate about providing high quality, affordable trade show display and merchandising solutions for businesses and retail spaces and it’s our mission to help them create successful trade show booths and retail displays to achieve their business goals and growth while using sustainable core materials that help keep the integrity of our global forests and wild life intact.

Our Vision.
Inspired by nature and perfected by technology, we believe in offering the very best trade show and temporary retail display solutions -at the very best prices -with our patented revolutionary modular paneling system, Xylea Wood, that replicates the super cell structure of the Balsa tree with a fabricated paneling system that is strong, affordable, lightweight, and easy to use, while preserving Balsa trees and maintaining habitats for birds and wildlife, including sloths who love to chill in Balsa trees!  

Our Promise.
We’re committed to designing and building the highest quality of exhibits, to providing exceptional customer service and support, and to providing budget-friendly diy trade show display solutions for our customers.

Giving Back.
With every exhibit sold, we support organizations that celebrate and preserve the gift of nature, including the National Forest Foundation.