Merchandising at Trade Shows With Xylea-Wood Custom Exhibit Displays.

10x10 Custom Trade Show Exhibit Xylea Wood Double Side Slat

Merchandising at Trade Shows, Expos, & Conventions With Xylea-Wood Slatwall Custom Trade Show Exhibits.

Saving you time and money with high impact slatwall trade show displays.

You’re setting up your trade show display. Ugh! It’s gonna take forever to set up! You work hard with your team to put your trade show booth display together and then wonder, where am I going to put all my products????

We get it. With Xylea-Wood Custom Exhibits, we help your brand BE YOU, only better, with quick, easy set-up, tool-less Branded DIY Trade Show Booth Displays, Exhibits, and Kiosks allowing you to merchandise your wares for maximum impact with our revolutionary, patented Xylea-Wood Slatwall.

And it gets better! Do you need a locked cabinet for storage? Lighting? A Dressing Room? Graphics?Monitor Mounts? We’ve got you covered! Xylea-Wood booths can be customized just for YOU, with your strategy, goals and cost-savings built right into your booth design! We’ll even help calculate your shipping weight and shipping costs within a 5% margin,

Xylea-Wood Custom Exhibits & Retail Displays Designed & Built Just for YOU.

👉YOU Choose Your Design & Accessories
👉YOU Assembly Your Display in less than an hour with virtually NO TOOLS.
👉YOU Save on Assembly Fees & Union Fees
👉YOU Save Money on Drayage Fees
👉YOU Save Money on Shipping Fees
👉YOU Make an Impact with YOUR Exhibit
👉YOUR Products Look Amazing on Your Display
👉YOU Rock Your Trade Show!!!!

Xylea-Wood Slatwall is lightweight, strong, versatile & affordable and simply put, will revolutionize the way you do trade shows.

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