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eXtreme Displays for extreme times!

Curbside Pick-Up & Drive-By Window Shopping Displays & Partitions for
Practicing Social Distancing for Small Businesses

Has the Covid-19 Health Crisis & Shut Downs Disrupted Your Business?

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the country and the way we do business. In the upcoming weeks and months, as businesses start to re-open in phases for curbside pick-up purchases and reduced capacity shopping experiences, retailers and merchants are looking for alternative solutions for drive-by displays and adjustable in-store merchandising displays for safe social distancing.


INTRODUCING XYLEA-WOOD eXtreme Curbside Pick-Up & Window Shopping Displays & Partitions

Are you looking for Curbside pick-up, lightweight DIY window shopping displays or adjustable in-store merchandising displays for safely re-opening your business? 

Xylea-Wood eXtreme pop-up displays are the perfect solution!

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