Core Benefits of Using Xylea-Wood Premium Slatwall Exhibit Display System

Xylea Wood Core - Trade Show Slatwall


At S&F Woodcrafters, we get a lot of questions about Xylea-Wood and what makes it unique. In this post, we’re diving into what the Xylea core is, what sets Xylea-Wood Slatwall apart from conventional slatwall, including the benefits of using Xylea-Wood slatwall and flush wall display products for your trade show display, exhibition, booth design, mall barricade, kiosk, kd cabinet, back wall, conference room, or retail space.

When we tell people that a panel is built with our Patented “Xylea” core… They may ask, “So what…why is it better? What is a Xylea core?”

Why did the United States Patent and Trademark Office designate that Xylea be classified as a “New Building Material”?


Because it is revolutionary! There is nothing else like Xylea-Wood on the market. It is listed along with the patents of Boeing, and classified similar to Carbon steel.

Watch our Xylea-Wood explainer video to learn more about the Xylea Core, including:

  • Why do we call it Xylea?
  • Why is it so strong and light and stable?
  • How does that directly relate to products?
  • What sizes are available?
  • How can Panels with a Xylea-Wood core save as much as 75% of a DRAYAGE bill or freight costs?
  • What does it mean to an installation team when it only takes 1 person instead of 2 persons to move a panel?
  • Why is “straight” important? Straight means Stability which is so important in the Exhibit Business. (Panels are not as likely to bend and twist when it is hot or cold outside or inside a traveling truck in the winter.)
  • What about the price? Is it more expensive. (Well surprise…. it does not cost more!)

Xylea-Wood is just…More Strong…More Light …and keeps… More money in your pocket every time you use your booth!

So let us bid on your project the Xylea-Way and compare for yourself!

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