Xylea-Wood Slatwall Trade Show Display Panels are Lightweight

Saving you money on assembly, tear down, drayage, & shipping costs.

Xylea Wood is the lightest slatwall display option on the market, with an eye on design flexibility and light-weight construction, Xylea Wood displays can help reduce show service costs including Installation, Dismantling, and Shipping.

The concept of engineered pre-tensioned strength is built into each and every lightweight Xylea Wood board. It is really quite a remarkable process.

We can make it stronger or lighter on demand. It is as if we can grow a tree that is exactly the size and strength that you need.

We define the required strength and weight and instantly build it into wood at the manufacturing point. And we don’t have to wait 15 to 20 years for it to grow!

When you go to a trade show you often only have a day or so to set up your structure. So it is important that you have a user-friendly system that assembles quickly and doesn’t involve a multitude of small connectors or complex assemblies.

The Xylea panels are light enough for almost anyone to pick up and cleat together in one motion. You will often be able to set up your booth with your own staff or salesmen.

Your company gets charged for every pound of freight that you ship into conventions; at every show. This is a recurring cost that you can’t avoid. If you do 4 or 5 shows a year this becomes a significant amount of money.

You will be able to cut your drayage costs IN HALF with Xylea Wood’s Lightweight Panels.

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