7 Advantages of Xylea-Wood Slatwall Panels for Portable Trade Show Booths & Pop Up Retail Displays

10ft Booth Ideas Shelving Xylea-Wood

Photo Credit: Steel Magnolia MarketplaceShown Above: 10×10 Custom Slatwall Retail Display crafted with Xylea-Wood lightweight, patented Slatwall in White


Are slatwall panels the right merchandising solution for your custom trade show booth or retail display? Check out 7 advantages of building your pop up trade show display or retail display with slatwall panels and how the Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibit System can help you achieve all your goals!

One of the most popular merchandising display systems of all time, slatwall, has been widely recognized for it’s portability and flexibility, merchandising capabilities, affordability, and ease of use.

Slatwall display panels are easy to maintain and offer do it yourself installation display alternatives for both retailers and exhibitors alike, also offering pop up slatwall display solutions.

1. Slatwall Panels offer Versatility for Pop Up Displays with Shelving, Hooks & Display Fixtures

Retailer merchants and trade show exhibitors use slatwall display panels to showcase many types of items; anything from boutique baby products and clothes, all the way to items such as scuba gear and leather goods. After installing the slatwall panels, retailers and vendors have the option of utilizing shelving, display fixtures or even using hooks to display their wares. The expense of the slatwall display system is a cost-effective method for retailers to display their products for maximum impact while increasing revenue with better use of square footage. 

2. Slatwall Displays are Perfect for Smaller Areas & Store Front Windows

Making a smaller foot-print in-store and on the trade show floor, slatwall displays are an excellent choice for merchandising compact areas, making them the preferred choice in stores that need to utilize every inch of the space for displaying products and smaller booth spaces.

Slatwall panels are available in many standard color options, (Xylea-Wood boasts white, black, and amber maple wood color options) and fabricated with surfaces to blend in with any existing interior design and colors of the retail shop. 

3. Slatwall Panels are Reconfigurable

Fully customizable and reconfigurable, Xylea-Wood slatwall panels are an excellent merchandising choice for making the best use of corner areas and smaller spaces, areas a business owner might not be able to utilize otherwise, as most types of displays will not fit into those areas. It’s also the perfect retail display solution for utilizing now for curbside pickups, during the cornavirus shut downs, and to reconfigure later within your store or at a trade show.


Choosing strong, sturdy, versatile slatwall panel options such as Xylea-Wood slatwall ensures your display remains stable and won’t fall over on your staff, customers, or booth guests. Xylea-Wood is inspired by mother-nature, imitating the super-cell structure of balsa wood, making it a super strong display structure perfect for product displays and heavy trade show traffic.

4. Take Your Merchandising to New Heights & Reach New Customers on the Curb

Many shop owners struggle to utilize higher locations within the store to merchandise their wares. Slatwall display panels offer a solution to this problem by allowing retail merchandisers to display many more items higher up, making the most of their merchandising space. This also allows a better visual for customers to see all of your products. Even if the consumers are window-shopping, they will be able to see your display from outside your store or across the trade show floor.


Choose a trade show manufacturer such as Xylea-Wood that offers retail display walls, back walls, sign walls and walls as high as 16 ft. to increase your merchandising space.

5. Organization is Key

Exhibiting apparel and additional products on slatwall display panels allows you to maintain a neat and organized store. With other types of display options, customers typically take clothing or other items off racks or hangers, unfold them and when they are done viewing the items, they put them back as neatly as possible, but the racks and other display areas would not look neat and tidy anymore, unlike slatwall panels.

6. Slatwall Shelving for Increasing & Maximizing Your Store Front Merchandising Space

Adding shelving options to your slatwall display adds additional space within your store or in your curbside, store front display, increasing your merchandising space.

Affordable Trade Show Slatwall Shelving Xylea Wood 

7. Slatwall Panels for Renovations & Remodels

Slatwall panel alternatives are perfect for retail shop renovations, or for new stores that need to remodel. When slatwall display panels are set up in the store, they can hold clothing and other products, anything a store owner wishes to place on display and so forth.

Slatwall Displays are tidy and help you save space and add more products. They are extremely flexible and can be modified and adjusted with shelving hooks and rods and moved about the store or reconfigured from trade show to trade show.

Pro Tip:

Choose a slatwall product, such as Xylea-Wood, that is compatible with standard slatwall fixtures or provides a wide array of fixtures, accessories and attachments for slots, which hold heavier retail items.

Choosing Lightweight Slatwall Panels Options – Displaying Xylea-Wood Way

You and your staff will LOVE the ease of using slatwall, particularly the lightweight revolutionary Xylea-Wood slatwall exhibit system. Not only will you love how easy Xylea-Wood slatwall is to set up – two women can assemble Xylea-Wood slatwall with virtually no tools, in less than an hour, you’ll also save money in numerous diverse ways. From cutting labor expenses, material handling and shipping costs, to maximizing your merchandising space for increasing sales, Slatwall panels help you save space and modify your display to suit ever changing needs.

Xylea Wood Trade Show Slatwall Displays

Setting up temporary retail displays, pop-up stores, and DIY Trade Show Exhibits are easier than ever with slatwall!


*Xylea-Wood is now available in fire-rated, water-resistant anti-microbial panels for use in hospitals, labs, schools, offices and any environment requiring safe social distancing with fire-rated building materials. Learn more about Xylea-EXTREME or contact us today to discuss your project. Xylea single sided slat features a flush wall backing perfect for tall walls and room dividers.

Are you looking for a retail display, a temporary pop-up slatwall display, a fire-rated partition or a trade show display solution? We can help! Let our design experts help you plan your custom design utilizing Xylea-Wood lightweight slatwall!


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