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Xylea is the Hard-wall System that is as easy… as a POP-UP.

& Best of all … Xylea DOES NOT cost more.

The Xylea-System is a premier “Hard wall system” of Panels & Blade Returns that is strong & light. It is designed with our patented interconnecting “Gravity Cleat” to provide rapid and secure installations. You will save time and money at every installation.

The possibilities… the configurations and re-configurations that you can create are virtually endless.

Xylea slatwall panels will carry a load that is nearly 3 times that of conventional slat wall and weigh less than ½ of there counter parts…

XYLEA is like nothing you have ever seen before….

We have attached some of our most popular typical configurations so that you might get an idea of what might work best for you.

The price quoted are for Basic Package and for the Complete Package.

Optional Items may be added or subtracted.

Basic Package Includes:

  1. All Panels and blades
  2. All Cleats, Caps and Connectors that are required to set the Config as shown

The Optional Items are:

  1. Adjustable feet to provide Panel leveling on un even floors.
  2. Lighting Package as depicted.
  3. Truss components or headers as shown.
  4. An Economy “Pallet Pack” 1-way shipper … OR
  5. A Re-usable “Xylea-Shipping Container”.

Our Xylea-Shippers employ the “compression packing system” to safely and compactly transport your Xylea-Exhibit System from location to location.


Xylea ManTrade Show Booths & Displays