Adding Lights to your Xylea exhibit or display is fast and easy.

And there will be no cluttered and tangled wires hanging around. Watch and see.


Xylea offers 2 types of lighting systems to meet your illumination requirements:

  •      Individual Clamp-ons 
  •      Track Light Systems for multiple attachments

Xylea Individual Clamp-ons

Are recommended where only a few lights are required and the electric chords may be concealed behind the booth.

Each Fixture is a self contained unit and comes with an extension arm that is designed to tighten on to the back wall of you display with the use of a thumb nut so no tools are required to install your lights at show site.  Lighting fixtures come with a 12v transformer and a 12’ long cord.  (A 50W Flood light bulb is included with each fixture.)

Fixtures are available in BLACK ONLY.

 Xylea Track Light System Assemblies

This is an efficient and cost effective way to light your booth when multiple lights are required in a long run at a variety of locations.  Track System Assemblies are (HT 3-wire 1CKT …20Amp 120volt rated).

This means that they are 3 wire grounded systems so they may used with either line voltage or 12v fixtures.

Xylea Track Light Assemblies  generally consist of 4 individual components.

  1. LIGHT TRACKS… which come in 4 sizes (2’,4’,6’ or 8’ lengths)
  2. PLUG & CORD… which is designed with a “SLIP-IN connector” that is compatible with the track and an 18’ long extension cord….
  3. FLEX CONNECTORS… which may be used to join to tracks together to increase their reach or to bend around a corner.
  4. CLIP-ON LIGHT FIXTURES… which are designed to clip firmly on to the track at desired locations so they may be powered-up.

Xylea Track Light Assemblies are designed to be used with the Xylea-Exhibit System and may connect in any of 3 different ways depending on the particular design that you choose.  This system allows the tracks to lock into place with out the use of any screws or fasteners, so you may install & uninstall them with out requiring tools or electricians at show site:

  1. BACK WALL CHANNEL INSTALLATION – Tracks slip continentally into a ‘Trough’ or Channel that is built into the top edge of each panel and then pass through a pre-positioned retainer clip.  This allows the track to be hidden from view and to lock into place.
  2. FORWARD BLADE INSTALLATION – Tracks slip through a “Square Slot” that is located at the forward edge of a “Blade Return” or “Divider Panel”.  This allows for the forward suspension of the track so that positioning of light fixtures may provide a better lighting angle for products below.
  3. TRUSS INSTALLATION – Tracks slip through the center area of a “Suspended truss” where they are contained by the confines of the truss web Or may be secured at locations with the use of disposable plastic “ZIP tie’s” or “Pipe Cleaner” wire ties.


The Xylea-light system uses 12v MR-16 light fixtures with a built in transformer each, so  that no line voltage transformer is required.  This will permit you to place 15 to 20 lights along a single track assembly with out over loading the circuit and tracks may be connected together in tandem using a “Flexible Connector Junction” for up to 30’ in length.  A track “Cord & Plug Set” fits into the end of track and has a convenient 18’ long extension reach.  This means that you may only require 1 or 2 connections to the power source and be able to eliminate messy wire tangles from multiple sources.  Low voltage fixtures and tracks are available in BLACK or WHITE.

Note: light bulbs must be ordered separately.


There are 4 types of light bulbs that are available:

  1. “Spot” 50W
  2. “Flood” 50W, 20W or 35W
  3. “Black Back” 50W
  4. ”Frosted” 50W


Keep in mind your Xylea-Track Assembly may also be used as a power source for other electronic devices that require regular house current.  Such as an iron, a fan or a product that you are demonstrating.  Simply connect an “Outlet Adaptor” anywhere along the track and you may power up you appliances in addition to and with out effecting the use of the lights.
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