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10 x 20 Display Space

This is a well-lit 10′ x 20′ display space utilizing Xylea-wood slatwall with shelving.

Do you know which materials you need for your next #tradeshow #display #booth?

After registering as an exhibitor at a tradeshow, the first thing you need to consider is how you will merchandise your wares for maximum impact. As far as display materials, there are lots of choices for your booth. So, carefully weigh your display space options:

  1. Should you use aluminum or plastic slatwall, both of which are lightweight, but not necessarily sturdy enough for heavy products?
  2. Would it be better to invest in too-heavy-to-carry MDF board, which will cost a fortune to transport and is so brittle, it could easily break?
  3. What if you could buy a product that would save you money, be easy to handle, inexpensive to ship, provide a strong foundation to support and display up to 200-lbs per shelf, and work well with readily available shelving and hardware?
Single sided Xylea-wood slatwall

Single-sided slatwall made of lightweight Xylea-Wood, using display shelves.

What is Slatwall?

The term slatwall refers to a wall that has slats in it, so shelves can be mounted to use for displaying merchandise. Most people who use slatwalls dread the task of picking up heavy Multi-Density Wood at a local hardware store and customizing it to accommodate standard shelves. But MDF is far from the only answer when it comes to slatwall displays!

Xylea-wood slatwall display

Return or sidewall panels in Xylea-wood slatwall.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Xylea-Wood Slatwall

It doesn’t typically occur to most trade show vendors that slatwall is the perfect material to use for display exhibits, because, when they think of a slatwall, they picture themselves wrangling a heavy contractor-cart to a warehouse store and fighting with a bulky, heavy, awkward piece of MDF, taking it to the register and then figuring out how to attach them to create a workable display. However, the slatwalls made from patented Xylea-Wood are altogether different. Not only are they are strong, but they are lightweight and already prepared, with slots for any standard shelf material. What’s more, they can support up to 160 lbs. per shelf. Using Xylea-wood slatwalls will change the way you think about displaying your product in kiosks and at trade shows.

Single Sided Slatwall

Xylea-wood slatwalls are lightweight but incredibly strong.

Xylea-Wood is super flexible, lightweight, easy-to-transport, strong enough to support heavy goods, and made to be used with readily-available and affordable standard shelves, slatwall brackets & fixturing.


Xylea-wood slatwalls are perfect for tradeshow display space.

Building a display booth with Xylea-Wood is easy:

If you are considering taking part in an industry trade show, check out the attractive, light-weight, affordable trade show display and kiosk solutions available by Xylea-Wood. Our patented technology is an eco-friendly answer to your trade show, kiosk and display needs—twice as strong as conventional materials. Call (909) 860-2695 or click here to email us today for details about our display solutions.

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