Xylea-Wood is the solution for all of your trade show, display, kiosk and slatwall needs.

Xylea-Wood is half the weight of conventional plywood. Twice the strength of conventional slatwall materials. Far more affordable than conventional materials!

Look how easy it is to build with Xylea-Wood!

There are lots of ways to use Xylea

The Xylea System is an exhibit and display paneling system that requires virtually no tools. Setup is intuitive. The panels and parts are easily moved and interchanged.

The beauty of the system is the modular design.  Standardized part sizes and a revolutionary gravity cleating systems means that all the panels fit together, every time.  Xylea-Panels can be added or subtracted at will to adjust to your ever-changing business needs.

Tradeshow space sizes can change based on availability.  The Xylea System allows you the flexibility to go from a 10’x10′  to a  10’x20′ by simply adding a few extra connection points.  Want to redesign your layout?  Pick a standard booth package from the directory and click on “Pick a Part” to see different configurations that can be made using existing parts.

Xylea Slat is the lightest, strongest slat wall product on the market, with an eye on design flexibility, light-weight construction, and reduction of show service costs such as Installation, Dismantling, and Shipping.

The concept of engineered pre-tensioned strength is built into the board. It is really quite a remarkable process.

We can make it stronger or lighter on demand. It is as if we can grow a tree that is exactly the size and strength that you need.

We define the required strength & weight and instantly build it into wood at the manufacturing point. And we don’t have to wait 15 to 20 years for it to grow!

Trade Show Booth Slatwall

The Panels, Boards, Decks and Beams that we are currently pre-tensioning for the exhibit business are just the beginning.

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